FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions


What is BluPile.com

Generally speaking, BluPile.com is a platform for music makers and music lovers... for entertainers and for people who enjoy being entertained. Members of BluPile.com receive a profile with features for easy social networking and where they can upload music and music videos to entertain the world with whatever they do best in music. BluPile.com is a social network where you'll find the freshest, newest music and videos on the web. It is a community of up-and-coming artists introducing themselves and their music or videos to a worldwide audience. Discover hot tracks before they become hits! Our members can influence the success and popularity of a track, a video, or an artist. BluPile.com provides a music ranking system that shows the tracks that have been voted best, played, shared, or liked the most. Artists can demonstrate the quality of their creative work, entering the ranking competition. They have a chance to be heard and seen around the globe. In addition to our social media services, we are also a new media online label for electronic music, providing BluPile.com members with digital music distribution worldwide (linked to all relevant online stores like iTunes, Beatport, Amazon, and many more).

Does it matter if a track is signed or unsigned if I want to upload it to BluPile.com?

You can upload whatever you want to upload, as long as it is not offensive content.

Can I get a label deal with BluPile.com?

Yes, as long as you own the rights to a track, you can upload your track to BluPile.com.

How does the BluPile music label work?

Getting signed with us is the easiest way ever to get an online label deal. Learn more about it in the section Getting Signed/Distribution.

Who can become a BluPile member?

Basically, anyone who likes good entertainment or who wants to entertain the world: Artists and music producers alike, DJs, singers, video artists, dancers, comedians, and other to music-related artists upload their music and videos. You can vote for their music and videos you can become their BluPile friend and chat with them. People who are mainly on BluPile.com to be entertained or meet other people register as regulars and enjoy the same services and features as the artists.

Which categories does the music section at BluPile.com have?

We've got the music lover who wants to discover the hits of tomorrow. They can share, vote, like, and comment on tracks which will have a huge influence on the success and popularity of the tracks. Yeah guys, you'll be kind of A&Rs on BluPile.com. Of course, there are also the music makers who present, promote, or sell their music and videos on BluPile.com. And we also offer music labels the opportunity to promote their artists and products on BluPile.com.

Do I have to pay a fee to use Services provided by BluPile.com?

No, you don't have to pay any fee to use our services.

How do I present myself, my videos, or my tracks on BluPile.com?

Your profile contains sections, such as a media player, a communication section, profile pictures, biography, media player, albums, a comment section, and all of the usual tools that a social media platform should offer. It's possible to add friends, communicate with them, and build a useful network for collaborations or just for being up to date on what's going on in the world of entertainment. Music makers (in sense of producers) can upload their own tracks to their profile. They can promote themselves and make their music accessible to the world. If they want to use our worldwide distributions channels, they can sign a label deal with us.

Where do I find my profile?

Just click MyBluPile. If you click on edit, next to MyBluPile, you can change your settings or upload your content.

Can I promote my tracks on Facebook, Youtube, or Myspace once I've signed a distribution deal with BluPile.com?

Of course you can promote your tracks or videos on other platforms. That's why we provide the share functions. We think it is important to give our members the possibility of sharing their content easily. Your BluPile player will appear on the social media site you shared your track or video. It's not just a link.

Where can I keep track of what's going on at BluPile.com?

You'll find the latest news about BluPile on BluPile.com, on Twitter, and on Facebook.

Uploading your Tracks

What type of file can I upload and how many?

You can upload files in mp3 and wav format. If you want to sign your track for our distribution, you need to upload a wav file, as this is the format needed for professional distribution. Of course, it is also possible to upload a video of your track. The formats we accept for video uploads are mp4, mov, avi and 3gp. You can upload as many tacks or videos as you want. The only restriction we have on tracks being uploaded is that they are made available in the all online shops of our distribution. Learn more about It in the section Getting Signed/Distribution.

What happens to my track once I uploaded it?

There are two options you can choose when uploading a track: You can either choose to upload your track to BluPile.com just to make it listenable for the visitors to your BluPile profile (MyBluPile) and have the possibility of sharing your track/video on other media platforms and social networks. Or you can choose to place your track in our distribution system. In this case, you would agree to our terms and conditions of distribution. It's basically like signing a record deal. Your track would take part in the ranking system. It would have the chance of being released on compilations. It would be available in all relevant online stores around the world and you'll have the chance to get a recoupable advance if your track is ranked one of the top three for a quarterly period.

What style of music do you accept?

We are basically open to any type of electronic music.

Where do I upload my tracks?

Just click edit in the upload section on your profile. You'll find it in the menu next to MyBluPile.

Can I upload already released or published songs to my BluPile profile?

Yes, you can upload anything you want, as long as your uploaded track or video doesn't infringe on the rights of anyone else. It actually makes sense to upload tracks already released on other labels, as it promotes you as a producer.

Ranking and Voting

How does the system work?

If you upload your track to be available in our online shops, you'll automatically take part in our ranking. The ranking will be updated constantly. The system will analyze the ranking results of a quarterly period. The top ten quarterly results will be promoted separately. The top three will get to next level of our digital record deal containing a recoupable advance. The track ranked in 1st place will receive an advance of $ 500.00, for 2nd place it is $ 300.00, and for the track in the 3rd place we pay an advance of $ 100.00. The three winners of each of a quarterly period will receive special support. An appropriate budget will be used for promotional activities to push the top ranking tracks into the next level of popularity. The results of the ranking are based on the votes by BluPile members, the likes, the plays, and the amount of shares on other platforms.

If I haven't uploaded anything, can I still vote?

As long as you are a registered member of BluPile.com, you can vote for a track or a video whether or not you have uploaded tracks or videos of your own.

Does my track automatically take part in the ranking once uploaded?

If you wish to take part in the ranking, you'll need to agree to the terms and conditions of our distribution deal. Only tracks signed with us and being distributed by us will take part in the ranking. You will have the chance to be on compilations around the world. If you make it into the Top 10, you'll receive a special promotion and have the chance of earning money and, of course, ideally landing hits.

What is the purpose of the ranking?

The ranking is obviously the best way to demonstrate the quality of your track and to get it promoted. You'll have the opportunity to be discovered by listeners, other producers, and—of course—labels. And, your track will be available worldwide in all relevant online stores.

Getting Signed/Distribution

How does getting signed work?

When you decide to use our distribution, our ranking, and our international network in the music industry, you can sign your track with us. As soon as you select this uploading option, you'll be asked to upload your track as a wav file. Then, you'll be asked to read the terms and conditions. Your track will be signed as soon as you agree.

Can I sign my track with someone else if I signed my track with you?

No, you can only sign a deal like this once. It is a basically an exclusive, online, single deal. Your track will be available worldwide in the online stores anyway because of signing with us. In the case of a Top 3 success, your track will also be part of our compilation pool. We have a huge international network in the music industry and 15 years of label experience. A network like this is very useful when it comes to spreading a track—not only on the net, but also in DJ networks, compiling labels, radio, and TV.

If my track gets signed to BluPile.com, do I have to send you all my future work?

No, of course you're not forced to send us your tracks. You sign a single track with us. The project name linked to the track shouldn't be used for other labels, as we want an option to release a follow-up of your track in case of success. This would happen with the same name as the previous track. You are free to upload your tracks to your BluPile.com profile without signing the distribution deal with us.

How many tracks can I get signed with BluPile.com?

Once you signed three tracks with us, you can only upload more tracks to our distribution, if your tracks have been downloaded a total of at least 30 times in the online shops linked to our distribution.

What's the reason for this restriction?

We want to make sure you're going to upload only your best tracks to our distribution. If you've uploaded your best shots, you'll surely get at least 10 downloads on each track. If you uploaded 4 tracks, you need at least 40 downloads in total, but not necessarily 10 of each track.

What does distribution mean?

It is basically what we called a record deal back in the days. Since people would rather download a track than buy a record, we call it a distribution deal. There is no record. Your fans will buy a download version of your track, for instance, on iTunes, Beatport, Amazon and many more. We have set up arrangements to have your music made available in all relevant online stores across the worldwide web. This is one of the major advantages of dealing with a key distribution rather than trying to release your music on your own. And unlike any other distributions, we don't charge any fees for uploading your track to our distribution channels.

How do you keep track of my released music in all those places?

BluPile.com has been assigned ISRC codes (International Standard Recording Codes), which we assign to each track we release. This code provides a unique way of identifying sound recordings internationally. Be assured that this code has been assigned to your track when we submitting it through our distribution channels.

Do I have to pay a fee to upload my track to the distribution system?

No, unlike many other music distribution companies, we don't charge any fees. As soon as you read and agreed the terms and conditions of distribution, your track will be uploaded to the distribution system free of any advance costs. We'll participate is sales revenue (which also covers the distribution costs), only if there are actual sales.

How big is my share?

Of each download you will get paid 50% share. If your Music does not genertate more than € 100,- volume of sales in half a year, it is for us such an expense to create a statement. This will also not cover the distribution costs we had. All over € 100,- will be deducted and disbursed. Should we get a third party license deal (major deal for example with Sony or Universal), then your royalty rate is 20%. This is a very good and customary royalty rate. If you want to refer this again, have a look to the license agreement. You will find that one in your showcard (MyBluPile).

How will I get paid?

The amount of money on the royalty statements you'll receive, will be transferred to your paypal account. In the event that the amount is higher than $ 500.00, we can transfer the money directly to your bank account or we can send you a check.

When will I get paid?

Once your track generates positive income, we will send you two royalty statements a year. It is common in the music business to receive royalty statements twice a year.


What will happen to my track/video, once i uploaded it?

If the upload went well, you will see your uploaded track/video in your showcard (MyBluPile). To watch an uploaded video could take a while after uploading, because the server must convert the uploaded file first. But the status will be shown in your showcard.

How long does it take until my track will be available in the online shops once I signed with you?

Because of the technical process, it will take 2 to 4 weeks more until your track will be available in the online shops.

If there is no video clip for the track I want to upload, do I have to convert my mp3 file into a video file as there only seems to be a video player on my profile?

No, unlike some other big social media platforms, we accept mp3's and still images. You don't have to convert your music file into a video file. Just upload your mp3 and a picture or a cover (jpeg, png or gif) that you want to show while your track is playing. We think it is more user friendly this way, as you don't need to waste time on converting it. And, by the way, it works better, since the system doesn't need to generate 12 frames per second for a single image.