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Dirk Adamiak was the former boss of the legendary German record label Blutonium Records. He was also known as the artist Blutonium Boy and Session One. For over 18 years, he ran a very successful record label and DJ career that took him and his artists all over the globe. However, as most artists of his caliber have noticed, the Internet has changed everything over the last decade. It is no longer possible to release music from producers around the world on vinyl, CDs or compilations. So he thought that something new had to be thought of.

He has put a team of talented programmers together to set up a new music social network. To reinvent the record label as we know it for the age of the Internet. The main goal is to combine the old school with the new school. So we hope that you enjoy blupile.com and join us.

This is only the beta version, so we will continue to work in the background on more functions. Currently, with this release of blupile.com you can already begin to promote your "own" music and music-videos in MyBluPile. You can release your own tracks worldwide in all relevant online stores that you desire through our system. You can also leave comments, upload, share, watch, talk and interact with other artists, DJs, labelowners, singers, producers or whoever else is on the network.

We want to invite you to be a part of us, because we all love music!

If you have any questions about blupile.com, so do not hesitate to contact us.

Here you will find our FAQ and also our terms and conditions for using blupile.com for free.

We wish you lots of fun with our beta version!


Your blupile.com Team

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